The Liberator, Four and Twenty BlackBirds Merlot

The Liberator, Four and Twenty BlackBirds Merlot

By Pete's Provisions


 The Liberator collection of wines is the brainchild of Richard Kelley (AKA Rick), a master of wine and recognised authority on South African wines. Over three decades in the industry, this Cape Crusader has made a lot of friends throughout this great winemaking nation. Every time he visits the Cape, he visits his friends and has a rummage through their cellars, uncovering great wines that don’t quite fit in the winery’s portfolio, are deemed too experimental or are destined to be blended away. Rick’s mission is to seek out and liberate small parcels of wine from great producers, ensuring they reach the table of the most inquisitive and discerning wine customer. Each episode represents a single discovery and precious parcel that is both unique and finite. Episode 24 is a fabulous Merlot from Nederberg with some exciting age on it. Sleek with blueberry, plum, summer fruits and sophisticated oak flavours. Only 1200 bottles ever made.  Four-and-Twenty Blackbirds takes its name from a nursery rhyme sung to Richard as a child. Interestingly, a blackbird in Occitan is ‘merlau’ and in French ‘le merle noir’. It’s thought that this is where the name for the black grape Merlot comes from.


Producer The Liberator
Year 2009
Region Groenekloof
South Africa
Styles Bold Complex
Size 750ml
Closure Cork

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